Random Thoughts: Happiness Part 2

“I see trees of green, red roses too. I see them bloom for me and you.

And I think to myself what a wonderful world.” — Louis Armstrong

During my 1 year hiatus from work, I would hear this song being played on the local radio everyday at 8 o’clock in the morning. I remember my dad whenever I hear thisĀ  – it’s one of his favorite songs of all time. He even bought a singing frog stuffed toy a long time ago, and he would play this song again and again.

As I got older I could relate to this song more. Come to think of it, it’s the simple things in life and in the world that could bring a smile (or laughter) in my heart.

Happiness, for me, is waking up refreshed from a good night’s sleep;

It is the smell of freshly baked bread, and the sight of blooming flowers of the season;

The pleasant surprise of stumbling upon a new find, or rediscovering long lost remnants of a fun childhood routine;

A bird randomly perching on my shoulder one cold winter’s day;

Clasping hands with D every now and then while walking thousands of steps on a sunny day;

The feeling of accomplishment after hours of climbing up a mountain;

Singing softly to a seedling encouraging it to grow strong, and stumblingĀ  upon colorful dragonflies during tree planting activities;

And finally after a day’s work, being able to snuggle under the sheets on a cool January night, recounting all blessings I’ve received earlier that day, and finally being able to sleep soundly at night being at peace with myself and with God.






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