Window Seat

Sunset and the horizon
Sunset and the horizon

When was the last time you felt differently, looking at the same things you see all the time?

One of the things I’ve been accustomed to over the years of traveling is to get myself an aisle seat. This way I won’t have to excuse myself with the folks who have to stand up so I can scoot my way over to the bathroom when I feel like it, and I’d also have easy access to the door when it’s time to deplane.

Today is The Wayfarers’ first trip together to Nagoya. For the first time I didn’t fuss about securing an aisle seat. This trip was meant for us to unwind and let loose, and it begins with letting the check-in counter decide which seats we are to take. And as destiny would arrange for it, I got the window seat.

When we boarded the plane, I figured to take in this trip with a fresh perspective, imagining it was my first time to fly. I listened as I watched the flight attendant demostrate the safety features. When the airplane zoomed up from the runway, I gaped at the window, wide eyed as I quickly scanned the houses and streets as they got smaller and farther. Truimphant at having spotted them, I pointed to D what I believed were the malls outside our subdivision. And as the plane got higher, I saw from a distance the dramatic landscape of the mountains, dominated by Mt. Makiling at the south.

Now as I write this, my view shows me a sea of clouds, and every now and then some tiny specks of what seem like bodies of water as we head up north of Luzon. It’ll still be a little more than three hours for us to get to Japan. Until then, I’ll close the window shades first. I’m at the sunnier side of the plane after all.


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