Cobie the Food Butler

Just came back from a short trip to Singapore and wanted to rave about Cobie, the Food Butler. She’s a robot employed at The Park Avenue Rochester Hotel. I met her on my way up to my room one evening – and at first I thought it was just a big cart left in front of the lifts, but then I heard it speak saying: “I want to get in the lift.”

I kept the elevator door open for Cobie and followed her as she parked on her spot in the lift. When we got to my floor she carefully wheeled out of the lift and turned confidently toward the direction of the door across my room. Then the guest came out and picked up his food.

This is the first time I’ve seen this and I was so amazed I followed it and shamelessly took photos and videos. Cobie didn’t mind as she kept the smile on her face.

Cobie the food butler
Cobie the food butler
Cobie’s parking spot in the lift
Cobie’s parking spot in the lift


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