Cries for Help

It’s been a couple of months now since we adopted Meow from the streets, and I’m still trying to understand how to read cat language. Been meaning to bring him to the vet since the beginning and finally had the time after coming back from travels. We placed his cat carrier down next to his usual sleeping spot and in he walked without any issues. That went well, or so I thought, as I watched him get in, amazed we didn’t have to bribe him to get in the carrier.

When we put the carrier in the backseat of the car, that’s when Meow’s ordeal began. For the first time ever he meowed with a lower, more guttural tone, and it was nonstop. We kept on calling softly to him to assure him it’s all going to be alright and that we were there with him all the way. But that didn’t work and I helplessly listened on to his heartbreaking cries, pressuring D to speed our way through the vet’s clinic and prayed that traffic would be good to us.

When we got to the vet, I begged the doctor to give him his de-worming medicine quickly so we could leave. I was hopeful Meow would forget what he went through as he hungrily sipped on the medicine that was administered to him. Dr. Vet said the medicine tasted good, that’s why.

On our way home, I was worried once again as Meow was shivering (with fright?) in his carrier, and he was almost panting. I thought he was hyperventilating, so I begged D once again to hurry our way home. Meow started again with his rough, low toned barrage of panicky meows. Of course, just when we needed it most, good old Metro Manila bumper to bumper traffic kicked in with a vengeance. I was holding my breath, saying reassuring words to Meow and hoping out loud that traffic would ease out, and was finally able to relax a bit when we entered our subdivision. A mile away from our home Meow stopped his hysteria and his tone went back to the normal high pitched, even spaced meows.

At last we got home and I thought he would keep a grudge and run away. But when we opened his carrier, out he went and laid back on his sleeping spot. When I walked past him to replenish his water bowl he went to me and rubbed his side against my leg – like nothing happened.

Lesson learned from that first horrendous trip to the vet – call for home vet service instead. So the next sessions have already been scheduled, and Dr. Vet and nurse will make a trip to our home for the next checks and vaccines of Meow. I’m trying to get my head around how we can bring him to the vet when it’s time for his neutering.

To all our my cat lover readers, please do not be mad at me. I’m learning through how best to care for Meow, and I’ll really appreciate tips from you. Thanks heaps!

By MrsWayfarer

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