An Afternoon Read

A good book and hot drink for a rainy day
A good book and hot drink for a rainy day

After a long walk exploring the streets of downtown Boston, D asked me if I wanted to hang out somewhere to recharge. An immediate thought came into my mind – let’s find a bench somewhere under the trees and I’d be happy to read through eBooks on my phone. Luckily, there was a far better option next to the place where we had our lobster sandwich lunch – the Boston Public Library.

The suite of books was a feast to my eyes. D and I agreed to part for a couple of hours – he left me settled down with a book and a cup of coffee, and he set off to take photos of the grand building. I chose to read Liane Moriarty’s What Alice Forgot. The couple of hours went by so fast, and I was so engrossed reading when D showed up and said let’s go. I wasn’t able to finish the book – only gotten about two thirds of it. (I eventually finished reading it in a bookstore in NYC).

It was an quiet moment that sunny afternoon, definitely a well spent couple of hours. I’d happily do it again.

Boston Public Library

Boston Public Library reading room

Boston Public Library Bates Hall

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