Lovin’ the Lobster

Food from Boston Chowda at Quincy Market
Food from Boston Chowda at Quincy Market

“You’re going to Boston? Don’t forget to try the lobster!”

That’s the specific reminder of our family friend from NYC.

I didn’t need any convincing. I’ve been craving for lobster sandwich since I first tasted it in Philadelphia, and then again in Tokyo last August. So this was definitely top of the list when we headed off for to a 4-day holiday at Boston a couple of weeks ago.

First stop was at Luke’s Lobster (yet again, as this was the same restaurant I had my lobster sandwich in Ginza, Tokyo), which was conveniently around the corner when I spent one fine afternoon reading What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty at the Boston Public Library (which, I have to say, was an afternoon well spent and warrants a separate blog in itself).

It was D’s first time to try out Luke’s Lobster so we had the trio: lobster, shrimp and crab sandwich. I discovered I also like crab sandwich after our lunch here.

Unsatiated, I looked up another resto we could try out later that afternoon. So we walked from Boston Public Library all the way to 537 Columbus Avenue to try out Lobstah on a Roll. Had a lobster sandwich here and it was glorious! To top that wonderful afternoon snack, the lady at the counter was uber friendly and gave us tips on places to go to, and some history of the neighborhood.

On our last day we had lunch at the Quincy Market (our Lyft driver said it was also called the Faneuil Hall Marketplace). It reminded me of the good food markets I’ve visited over the last couple of years: like the Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia, and the South Melboune Market in Victoria. We ate at the food hall at the second floor next to Uniqlo and I gazed up to read through and wonder about the vintage looking signages that were posted in the walls. Quincy market was busy during lunch time but we didn’t mind as there were too many food options to choose from. One thing I noticed though is that it was more expensive here – bought a small bottle of coke for $3!

Quincy Market, Boston

Boston’s Quincy Market

Old signages at Quincy Market

Food from Boston Chowda at Quincy Market

Sweets at the Quincy Market

Food hall at Quincy Market

Lobster sandwich cravings satisfied, D and I went back to exploring the city of Boston. Stay tuned as I tell you about a gorgeous sunset that we saw at Fan Pier Park.

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