Eye Catching Exhibit

I blogged a couple of weeks ago about missing my Narita Express for just 2 minutes mainly because I got lost in Tokyo Station. But I admit there’s more to that. You see, en route to Tokyo Station, I passed by the Tokyo International Forum. Walking slowly I reminisced how I panicked inside the beautiful sphere shaped structure thinking it was where my client meeting was going to be. I called it “the glass building” when I called my boss to check again where the meeting was. Still walking, doing a pace of a stroll through a park, my thoughts went to as far back 2016 when D and I stayed somewhere near Tsukiji and we ‘discovered’ this amazing building. It’s still as fascinating, was what I thought as I pulled my luggage towards the train station.

And then I saw a colorful display at the lower ground, and quickly realized the exhibit was free. I figured I should still have time and can spend less than 10 minutes to check it out. Who knows if this will still be here when I go back to Tokyo, I thought, not needing any convincing.

And so I went and was not disappointed. The extra 10 minutes was definitely worth it.

By MrsWayfarer

Living Free and Making a Difference

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