Tokyo, It’s Been A Year

Hope you are having a great Saturday. As for me here in cloudy Metro Manila, I’m cooped up at home waiting for my tea to steep and taking a break from reading. Not that anything’s changed, really. But I am not complaining.

First thing I checked – Facebook. And this memories photo was the first to greet me. I couldn’t help my jaw dropping with the realisation that it’s been already a year since I last visited Japan. I remember I was walking to the Tokyo Station en route to Narita when the exhibit at the Tokyo International Forum caught my eye. Naturally I gave in to my curiosity and I missed my train.

Taken from Tokyo International Forum Hall C, 9 January 2020

Seeing this I dug up my photo archives because I was on a roll reminiscing. I stayed in the Daiwa Roynet Hotel Ginza for the first time – which may probably be where I will book again next time because it’s close to a lot of restaurants I enjoyed, and all were walking distance. Fingers crossed I can go back this year. Until then, I will look at these videos to remember.

Arriving at the Tokyo Station
Ginza, Tokyo
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By MrsWayfarer

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  1. It’s been over four years for me since I last visited Japan. I agree it’s such a beautiful country, with colorful cities, gorgeous landscapes, and delicious food. The customer service I experienced in Japan was the best I’ve ever seen in all of my travels, too. One day, we’ll be able to visit again; the pandemic won’t be around forever, so have faith things will work out!

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