Windy, Rainy Weekend

Yesterday, en route to the hotel, I watched a plane wobble its way to Heathrow’s runway. The Uber driver said it’s because Storm Dennis is here. That meant it would be a rainy, windy way to start my week in England.

That said, I attempted to go from Shepherds Bush to the National Gallery. Lo and behold I had to turn back because my tiny umbrella threatened to tear apart. I didn’t realize the wind would be as strong, until I checked out YouTube and Twitter to see some videos of Storm Dennis’ strength. As a consolation, I had a Pho takeaway as I retreated back to the hotel.

Speaking of hotel, my room was upgraded for free. Yay! And because I took the red eye to London the night before, I was sound asleep as early as 8 PM – and woke up at 3AM. Didn’t expect my jet lag to hit this early.

I hope the weather will be nicer next Friday when I’m back in London. For now, as I head to Cambridge, my plan is to spend the rest of Sunday warm and dry in my next hotel.

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By MrsWayfarer

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