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Here in my hometown the government officials are pretty strict: only one person per household is given a quarantine pass, and that person is pretty much the only one who can go out run errands and do grocery shopping. That, plus the (nationwide?) curfew every night from 8PM to 5AM. Delivery service is also limited to just essentials – and that’s if one can successfully place an order online as the disclaimer of delayed grocery delivery is now an expectation.

That said, it was time to watch some YouTube videos and read up on Pinterest to get ideas and tutorials of food which we would have usually been able to buy quite easily.

And to time it with Lent, we’ve been targeting recipes using veggies and seafood. Pantry food is a plus, and who would have thought we could have a blast with the items we have on hand!

Some of the meals I’ve mastered quite easily involve pasta: either mix it with spaghetti sauce, sardines, cilantro, red pepper flakes and any other herbs and I’d have a quick filling dinner. When I feel more adventurous I’d saute lots of garlic, shrimp (or just use canned tuna), and canned anchovies, mix it with the pasta, and top with herbs. Delish!

I managed to convince my aunt to learn with me how to make Squash Frittata. I remember I queued up to buy this back when I worked in a bank, and I was inspired when my friend posted her homemade goodies on Facebook the other day. We got our recipe from YouTube and the finished product is so yum that we’ve already made two batches just this week alone. We also tried making tunaballs from scratch, because I craved fishballs which I used to buy after church when I was young. I remember the sweet, savory sauce I dipped them into, so I made that too. Thank goodness for these online recipes!

Homecooked meals nowadays

Next week we’ll try out various veggie dishes. I’m keen on getting my hands on Korean ingredients so we can make some banchan (side dishes).

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