Food Monster

I always look at our pictures because they always warm my heart. Pedro, our English Bulldog, is so sweet, isn’t he? He loves to pose for the camera, looks at me and D with loving almond eyes, and loves massages and cuddles. If I can have my way I’d bring him to our city apartment to keep me company on weekdays. But lately Pedro and D have been inseperable so I’m sure they spend lots of quality time in the suburbs when I’m in the city.


But don’t be fooled by the innocent face of this little fella.

D called me several times today because Pedro had been quite impatient and had been on a food frenzy.

He almost bullied his way to Theon’s breakfast. And he didn’t stop there. He rammed his head on the screendoor. And at dinner time, he gave warning snaps for the first time ever to the hens who were trying to sneak up on his food. I mean, they usually get along pretty well, exploring the backyard.

Of course we’re not annoyed. Another day full of surprises from our little Pedro!

Pedro and the hens exploring

By MrsWayfarer

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