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Sixteen weeks in to working from home and I think recently we found the key to really drawing the line between work and personal life. When this work from home setup started I was spending my weekdays in our city apartment because I had a comfortable chair and study table there. Here in the suburbs office desk meant the dining room table or my bedroom side table. Yes I was comfortable not having to worry about sleeping in and needing the time to get ready, but for some reason I end up tossing and turning most nights, pleading to get to sleep. Mainly it’s because I lack the physical activity these days, my 10,000 steps a day replaced with a 7-15 minute exercise. And then last week, D surprised me with 2 presents:

First he bought me an ionizer. Now I don’t really know what it does, but since he hung it next to my side of the bed I’ve been sleeping like a log.

Second, and this is something I started looking forward to in the morning – is he set up the studio type guesthouse next to out house as our home office. He bought a pait of comfortable chairs, and mounted a laptop dock. Now, every morning I go there with my laptop backpack in tow, a coffee mug and Pedro the bulldog on my heels to kickstart business hours.

D said that what helps me in getting to be able to sleep at night faster than before is the fact that my workspace is not in the bedroom. So subconsciously when I get to our room after dinner, my mind goes into rest and relaxation mode right away. Unlike before when there’s the laptop looming around at the corner of the room.

Do you have other tips for working from home?

By MrsWayfarer

Living Free and Making a Difference


    1. I don’t know what it does either, but since D got it for me I’ve been sleeping easily at night. May be contributed more by the fact that I work outside my room now though.


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