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I was looking at old photos and found this, taken in 2012 when we went to Anilao, Batangas with my sister and brother-in-law. Now I’m usually quite lazy posting in Social Media but there was something dramatic and melancholic about this photo that I wanted to share it (and since it was a good find from my photo archives).

A friend messaged me and said she was looking for a beachfront house she could rent for a month, preferably with high speed internet so she can continue working from home in that new location. My mind wheels began turning and for the first time in a long time I checked out Stays in AirBnB (because these days I usually just go to Online Experiences). I thought of good beaches within Luzon, Philippines, and checked out what’s out there. I was surprised to see beach resorts open for accommodation now. It was surreal. I checked only Bolinao in Pangasinan because I remember its white sand and it’s high time to go back there. I found beachfront villas but alas, no internet. D also pulled me back to reality and said it’s still a bit risky to go. While it was fun daydreaming, I took it as a sign.

So, back to reminsicing on my couch. Anilao, Batangas is about a couple of hours’ drive from Metro Manila and is the scuba diving haven. I completed my open water diver course here, and did about three dives. I can’t even remember why I stopped. I think it was because my attention shifted to overseas travels and I developed vertigo. The last few years I have just been snorkeling. If there is a chance soon I’d like to brush up on scuba diving, retake my course and hum A Whole New World once again as I swim underwater amidst colorful corals and fish.

Geared up and ready to scuba
Sombrero Island, at a distance

By MrsWayfarer

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  1. Beautiful photos, I hope you get a chance to revisit and have a do over of your scuba diving experiences. (Now I have Under the Sea stuck in my head LOL) Stay healthy and stay safe – it will be there when it is safer to travel and visit.

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