Splash of Colors of the Sky

The other day I posted about the sunset that took my breath away on my first night in the island of Siquijor, in Central Visayas, Philippines.

On my second day, we almost felt disappointed as the sky was pretty cloudy and I thought this was what the sunset would be like then.

So, expecting nothing else, we went about looking for grilled food for dinner. With no restaurant in mind, we stumbled upon Roch Cuisine, found at the Wawa Bridge next to the road. I thought it was a private party where folks decided to use the space to cook barbecue, but it turned out to be the highly-rated street food store in Google Maps. They open 5 o’clock onwards, and chairs and tables are lined up overlooking the beach. They serve vegetarian food, grilled chicken and mango cake (which D found to be the best he’s tasted in Siquijor).

Moments later while we were eating, THESE unfolded in front of our eyes.

Needless to say both D and I were speechless and gawked in awe. There is something so magical about sunsets – each one is unique and truly spectacular. It brings me to the present and all other thoughts are moved aside, and in these moments I have nothing but gratitude for being graced with this beauty. The splash of pink, purple, orange, yellow – I wish I can paint this masterpiece and be a tad bit as close.

Do you prefer sunrise or sunset?

By MrsWayfarer

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