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Hulugan Falls

The long weekend flew by so quickly, I wonder why that’s always the case…It’s back to work tomorrow: it’ll be a toss between working in our bedroom or next to the dogs at the living room once again. But before I go back to reality, I’m capping off this weekend with D’s headphones on as I write this, my Spotify streaming songs from BTS.

Yep, I’ve managed to become a fan over the last four days. More of a particular member: V. I first saw them on Jimmy Fallon about a month ago, when they performed their new song On in Grand Central. At the onset they earned my respect, they’re quite good!

And then I heard V’s new single Sweet Night and it’s been on repeat every chance I get. Icing on the cake is seeing him in Hwarang, a Korean tv series I binge watched in four days.

When this pandemic is over I should really go back and visit South Korea once again – or see if they’ll be in a tour and watch their concert anywhere in APAC… Until then, I’ll settle on YouTube and Spotify.

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