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Hi my friends. I have missed blogging for a couple of weeks. I’ve really been stuck indoors, as I could no be bothered going through another swab test to fulfill domestic travel requirements – which includes crossing over to the nearby provinces of Bataan and Batangas. I’ve done it twice over the summer to be able to get to vacation gems in Bagac, Bataan. After the second swab I decided to go on a travel hiatus – as if the last year and 3 months had not been enough for a travel hiatus. I’ve been seeing a lot of tour deals popping up in my social media ads, but I always turn a blind eye because I can’t bear to go through the disappointment of being stopped by sudden travel restrictions once again. I guess I’ll go for crossing the bridge when we get to being able to fly once again. I know the airfares will be steeper by then but that’s something I’ll be willing to take.

Anyway, this is what’s been keeping me busy after work on weekdays and almost all day weekends. I’ve been binge watching online live sellers showcase their crystal and semi-precious gems jewelry and recently decided to source for the loose stones and materials.

In short, I’ve been busy making bracelets. I started off giving them to friends and family, and later on when I’m better at my craft I’ll make a bunch in preparation for Christmas gifts. I quite enjoy making and hardly notice the time, it’s been quite a meditative experience for me thus far.

Where I am in the Philippines, the restrictions have eased a bit, but I’m still indoors most of the time, with occasional meet ups here and there. But until the time comes when we can all go out without face shields, I’m happy to be stuck at home honing in on my hobby.

How about you, my friend. Are you back to how things were before in your part of the world? Stay safe and keep in touch!

By MrsWayfarer

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    1. Thanks Andy! I try to be as creative as possible. When the ideas come they keep me up all day on weekends 😅 I read there are benefits from the stones so I’ll study them first


  1. I agree with Andy and say you could sell your bead bracelets; I would buy them! On this side of the world (the US), lockdown restrictions are pretty much over– even mandatory mask-wearing have been declared “optional.” I highly disagree with all of these changes, as there still remains the Delta variant, and I predict a spike in COVID cases after summer’s over. But we’ll have to see…

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  2. Beautiful bracelets – you have such a wonderful collection of beads. I like that you make some with charms, and have all sort of different vibes & patterns.

    Being out and about is tricky – it is difficult making plans too far ahead as one never knows what to expect next. Hopefully soon, you will be able to venture further.

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  3. Hi
    I visited your site. I can read your about. Very good you have to knowledge & experience. Amazing art & bead collection making items. Beautiful bracelet. Good job work. Very nice interesting hobby. I like

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